His love for these qualities is summed up in his love for his work! Little wonder why Rudy has always worked tirelessly to give his clients the very best service which resulted in maximum profits! The outcomes are simply a by-product of his passion. Within minutes, clients sense that he cares and that he will do what it takes to bring even the most difficult transactions to a satisfying conclusion.

Rudy’s track record over his 40+ years tells the story…He:
• Sold 100’s of millions of dollars in agricultural properties.
• Earned largest sales volume awards numerous times.
• Owned a large, highly successful real estate firm.
• Widely known for superior negotiating skills.
• Sold over 95% of his listings.
• Has the ability to handle difficult land issues and title problems when necessary.
• Closed sales on some of the largest properties in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.
• Earned the respect of the most prominent ranchers in Southern California.
• Continued learning about California’s dynamic agricultural market.

Rudy Kostjuk, the Farmer’s Friend, has made a career of treating others the way he would like to be treated.

He says, “It’s simple…I service every property as if I owned it myself!”

After earning a nice profit on a difficult transaction, a recent client told Rudy,

You are a Rock Star!

Rudy Kostjuk
Rudy Kostjuk
Charlene Lessley
Charlene Lessley
Rudy's Assistant